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Academic Writing Tips

“All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed», – that’s how Hemingway described his feelings during work. It is hard not to agree with this quote. Writing university research works can hardly be equated with a creation of brilliant novels, but many students feel about the same during their work. To avoid stress due to the preparation of academic texts, it is enough to understand their structure and to know a few secrets. We will tell you about some basic academic writing tips, memorize! Continue reading “Academic Writing Tips” »

Common Grammatical Mistakes in Essays

Grammar is a really serious subject and needs many years of constant studying and practicing. Of course, it is impossible to learn grammar from one article. We are not going to teach you how to use these words correctly. But let’s take a look at some most common grammatical mistakes that people make in writing, which also include students and the mistakes they make when preparing an essay. You can at least pay attention to these cases. If you have them, get help with college essay spelling by asking someone to proof-read your text.

Common Grammatical Mistakes in Essays

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