Common Grammatical Mistakes in Essays

Grammar is a really serious subject and needs many years of constant studying and practicing. Of course, it is impossible to learn grammar from one article. We are not going to teach you how to use these words correctly. But let’s take a look at some most common grammatical mistakes that people make in writing, which also include students and the mistakes they make when preparing an essay. You can at least pay attention to these cases. If you have them, get help with college essay spelling by asking someone to proof-read your text.

Common Grammatical Mistakes in Essays

Six common grammar mistakes in essays

  1. Apostrophe issues

There are numerous cases of apostrophe use in the English language. It is a form of shortening widely used in different situations. Often there are situations where it can be used or not used, and this brings a lot of confusions. Even more complicated it becomes when different word forms with or without apostrophe are pronounced identically, like “their vs. they’re vs. there” or “lets vs. let’s.” Others sound differently, but if you don’t know the exact rule applied, you can make a wrong choice.

  1. Passive voice overuse

Passive voice is often used in all kinds of text – yes, it is applied in this sentence twice. You can use it from time to time, but with passive voice, some of your sentences look unnatural and forced out. Take care of your readers and try to use active voice instead of passive wherever you can – this will make your text more clear and readable.

  1. Too vs. to

This is just a case of casual quick writing where you just forget to put that second “o.” Take note of all those “TOOs,” but don’t go over the top – let all those “TOs” alone!

  1. Then or than?

Another issue of writing in a hurry. We are sure that you know about where to use each of them. But sometimes when your text is flowing, you can accidentally make this mistake.

  1. Shoulda woulda…

Do you know what those mean? Do you know the complete form of those shortenings? Are they “should of – would of” or “should have – would have”? The latter, of course. These “should of – would of” are a critical form of illiteracy, when a person writes things as he or she hears them.

  1. Between or among?

Well, this one is easy. And here we can give you a really simple key to choosing between (!) these two (!) words. Yes, you got it right: “between” is used when you refer to two (in most cases) clearly different things. These things are opposing and controversial to each other. Like choosing between black and white.

“Among” is used when you need to describe one of the numerous things, a group, crowd or mass, not that clearly separated or controversial. Like being among many of your friends.


There definitely are many other common mistakes that can be found in essays – as well as in any kind of text, written by a human being. Writing grammar depends on the author’s literacy and knowledge. It is true to say that to write a grammatically correct text you should work on your overall grammar knowledge, learning and practicing rules throughout all the years of your studies. Grammar is not that easy and fast to learn, but if you pay attention to it – it definitely pays back. Everyone respects a grammatically intelligent person!

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