How to write 1000 word essay

Many students are afraid when they are assigned to write 1000 word essays. This number of words only looks big, but actually, it is a matter of two or more pages. When you learn to write such small essays, you will be able to write bigger and more challenging essays later and get higher marks.

The structure of these essays is usually very simple. You need an introduction of 2-3 sentences, the main text of 3-4 paragraphs, and 2-3 sentences of conclusion. These are approximate numbers, you can create smaller or bigger sections if you need.

Number of words calculation

To find out how many words you have already written, use special text editors, other software, and online services for working with text. When using MS Word, you can see the number of words after every text change. You can also select blocks of text and open statistics to find out how big they are.

In different text editors, there are different commands to see the number of words. Most of the editors have their help pages where you’ll find information on how to open statistics. Notice that you can also find a number of characters of custom written essay, the frequency of different items and other metrics.

Planning the structure

You should plan the structure of your essay before writing and follow it. In another case, you can create too less or too much text lines. Plan how many words will be in your introduction and conclusion. Then you will learn how big should be your main section. Make a list of ideas you want to mention in your essay. It helps you to determine how many words each of these ideas should have. Do not use unnecessary lines only to fit a required number of elements.

The introduction helps you to describe the object of your research, tell what you think about it and what you will cover in main paragraphs. Although its size is short, it lets you involve readers and listeners, and shows your point of view.

Writing good essays

You should also follow the standard instructions for writing essays. Before writing, check that you understand the topic and what formatting and appropriate style you have to use. If you don’t, ask your teacher to give you more accurate instructions.

There is a lot of information how to create short or big essays. This advice would be also helpful for students who have not written essays before:

  • Use only reliable sources.
  • Write about what you consider to be exciting and meaningful for readers and listeners
  • Use lists and diagrams if you need them for better presentation.
  • You can start from drafts, but you need to reviews your essay several times before publishing.
  • If you are not sure about any ideas, discuss them with your teacher.

Formatting should also be appropriate and correct. There are different formatting styles, for example, MLA standard. Make sure you have configured the layout of your document right, formatted quotes and citations correctly.

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