How To Write A Book Critique?

What is a book critique? This type of assignment requires a student to create a detailed review on some piece of art (book, game, movie), which is designed to create a distinct impression about a selected art piece among the target audience. Such review is usually characterized by small volume and brevity.

As a rule, book critiques are created for new, recently released works. But in the modern educational system, this type of task can require students to review some classical books in order to help the student improve their analyzing and critical thinking skills.

What Are The Main Features Of Book Critique?

Students who face such assignment for the first time can get confused. Knowing the distinctive features of this paper provided below, you will not face troubles with completing this task and will be able to create a high-quality paper.

Such paper is small in the volume of a polemical character. The author of such critique has to discuss urgent social and literary problems that were presented in the book and to share general impression from reading it. Thus, such critique has to reflect not only content of the work, the peculiarities of the composition, but also present an author’s individual assessment of it.

How To Write A Book Critique?

Such review of any work usually has a similar structure. Below you can find a standard plan for such paper:

1) Brief bibliographical description of the work that you are reviewing – talk about the author, publisher, name, year of release and follow it by a short retelling of its content;

2) The next paragraph should be devoted to your opinion (impression) about a particular work of literature;

3) Critical, comprehensive analysis of the text:

  • A meaning of the name
  • Analysis of its form and content
  • Specifics of the composition
  • Individual style of the writer;

4) A reasoned assessment of the work and personal reflections of the author:

  • A main idea of the review
  • A subject of the work.

What To Keep In Mind While Evaluating And Analyzing The Book?

Writing a detailed and logical book critique is not that easy, and you have to approach this matter seriously to cope with a task successfully and get a high grade. To succeed, you have to not only read the book that you are going to review but also try to understand and analyze it, and, to make the process easier, pay special attention to the following aspects:

  • An overall impression of the book;
  • Plot;
  • Main characters;
  • Language and style;
  • Authenticity in general and in detail;
  • Psychology of characters’ relationships;
  • A main idea of the text;
  • Originality;
  • Mistakes and blunders in the text;
  • Public value;
  • Social, literary, historical and scientific significance;
  • Your feelings and impressions.

How to include all of these moments in your work? Since this paper has certain volume limitations, it is not necessary to discuss all of the aspects mentioned above, and thus, you can select the most important nuances and pay more attention to them in your text!

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