How To Write An Essay About Travelling?

Writing academic paper is not something new to any student. But often students need some help with essay. This happens due to many various reasons, and usually, the most common ones are the lack of time for the performance of work or simple lack of desire. Another issue arises when the assigned paper topic is not clear to the student. But in this article, we are going to discuss a clear and rather popular essay topic – traveling, and we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to completing such paper and give useful tips.

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Writing about a journey is always interesting. But there is one issue that you should consider. Due to the enormous popularity of this topic, students may face a problem with the uniqueness of the text and find it difficult to create something personalized and engaging. Find tips on how to avoid and overcome these difficulties in this article.

What To Start With?

Like in the case with any other academic paper, your writing process should start with planning, but, to make a plan, you need to make your theme narrower, namely, decide whether you will write about your journey or provide general information on this matter. Once you have decided on this, make a short outline for your text. If you write about your trip, the structure can be the following:

  • Introduction – tell about where and when you went, what have you initially expected from this trip, how you traveled, etc.
  • The first paragraph. In the next section of your text you can talk more about the beginning of your journey, how did you plan it, how well did the flight go, did you stay in a hotel or was it hiking with a tent, etc.
  • The second paragraph. In this part you can tell what exciting events have happened during the trip, what sights have you seen, who did you meet, what was the most memorable moment, etc.
  • The third paragraph is the last part of your paper’s main body. Thus, in this section, you can write about your route back home, tell how you said goodbye to your new friends and what did you feel them. Also, here you can say how this trip influenced you and your life.
  • Conclusion – in the last section, you have to summarize everything that was mentioned in the text earlier, draw conclusions, and share impressions of the trip.

You may have more paragraphs in your essay; it depends only on your preferences and requirements for the text given by your teacher. Follow the template provided above, and you’ll create a great essay!

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