The Secret of Writing the Best College Papers

When working on a college paper, there is some preparation that needs to be done before you actually sit down to start working on it. You will be glad when time comes to write and you have all of your well-organized data, and a plan to get it all on paper before the last-minute action many people decide to undertake.

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In the Beginning

You knew the day would come when you got that essay assignment! Well, here it is in all of its two-sentence glory! What do you do? The answer is easy. You have your topic and it is time for some research. This is usually the first step in creating your paper. The internet has some amazing information so you look through the vast amount of brain food and write a list of the important points and organize them in an order that is understandable. If you don’t find a lot of relevant and useful information online, they hit the library and open a book on the subject.

Sort Out Your Information

Now you have a couple of pages of facts about your topic and have arranged them into a timeline of sorts, it is time to spread the information out and fill in the blanks. Start with who, what, where and when for your informational adventure. Note down your ideas and don’t forget to cite your references because this will get you a lower mark if you do not do it. You can get the data “spot-on” and get a low score on the project. Typical high school or college assignments have a standard format they use. This is: Introduction-(paragraph1). Then the body of the essay which is usually paragraphs 2, 3, and 4 and then the conclusion.

Middle Paragraphs

After completing the first paragraph, or thesis (the idea and theme of your writing and why you are for or against it) the middle paragraphs are the answers to the thesis if it is an animal, something on global warming, it doesn’t matter the subject. The middle is where you prove your argument with facts and figures you have found on the subject. Write from whichever side you are on, for or against and make an argument why the reader should be on your side as well. Dazzle them with the facts as outlined in the body of your college paper. It can’t be emphasized enough to check and re-check your paper thoroughly!


This is where you make your final pitch for or against the subject you have chosen to work on. Inspire the reader to take your side with a wrap up they just can’t resist! Remember to specify your sources at the bottom of the page for proper credit! Read the paper over and correct any of the grammar and spelling you may see before handing it in for a grade. There is a lot of work going into a good college paper, and it is something you can be proud of. Going through the College Essay for Sale posts on the blogs might sound like a good idea, but original is always better!

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